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Talk Therapy

In most family stories there are knots, gaps, paradoxes, contradictions. From our naming, we become part of this story. It will be our story. We learn to communicate in a certain way, develop communication patterns and pass them on. Some communication patterns can eventually trap us: they fix our way of seeing and thinking. You don't understand why you keep going in the same circles. 

From a systems therapeutic point of view, we turn to the  system in which you move, we look for patterns and ways to break through circles. Changing your way of thinking and seeing makes transformation possible in your way of living and living together.

I work as a system therapist, I am recognized by the BVRGS (Belgian Association of Relationship and Family Therapy

and system coach)

At the same time I work as a yoga therapist and integrate the insights from the bodywork with  talk therapy. 

The combination of talk therapy and bodywork makes the therapeutic process more profound.

Depending on each individual client, we will work together to find what works best for you.

Commitment, respect, integrity are my basic values in the approach to each client.

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