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Hilde Van den Hooff

Yoga, talk therapy, spirituality

I received a theological and philosophical training, worked for a long time in psychiatry, became a teacher of ethics and religion, immersed myself for several years in psychoanalysis, learned shiatsu techniques, followed a 4-year training in system therapy, practiced yoga for many years, became hatha yoga teacher, Inner Axis teacher, yoganidra facilitator.


I slowly made a fascinating journey from my head to my heart, to more wholeness. I was able to meet many teachers on this road. I thank all my teachers.


Practice The Wending


Address:  Klaasbulkstraat 12, 9052 Ghent (Zwijnaarde)



Phone Number:   +32 476/86 42 04

Company number:  BE 0536 706 740

Account number: BE17 9531 2350 5621

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