Spirituality is about connection with your life-breath. Spirituality searches for the speech of the heart and the soul.

Millennia old spiritual traditions have developed their own rituals, stories, songs, poems that express the language of the heart and soul. They mirror our emotions helping us to connect with our deeper, higher self. They help us catch our breath with our whole being.

We turn to stories, songs, poems from different spiritual traditions: Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

We turn towards texts of contemporary philosophers, mystics, spiritual teachers who show us ways towards a meaningful life, filled with happiness and joy.

Workshop: 'life worth breating'

During 3 workshops we will learn more about 'inner axis'.  We will practice breathing in combination with yogapostures. We will talk about the insights from the book 'life worth breathing', written by Max Strom who developed this method. 

Are you interested in these workshops, let me know.


€120 - 3 afternoons

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